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Inverter&Battery Combo
Su-kam Combo,Microtek&Amaron Combo,Altima Combo,Exide Combo,Luminous And More....
Inverter Battery
Su-Kam Inverter, Microtel Inverter, Amaron Inverter, Exide Inverter and More...


A battery charger, or recharger, is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeabl
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Amaron 880va

Rs 7,443.00 Ex Tax: Rs 7,443.00

Amaron Battery Current 150AH Tall Tubular

Rs 12,399.00 Ex Tax: Rs 12,399.00

Exide 150ah IMTT1500

Rs 17,754.00 Ex Tax: Rs 17,754.00

Livgaurd 150ah

Rs 15,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs 15,500.00

Luminous 1100va Zelio

Rs 8,349.00 Ex Tax: Rs 8,349.00


A power inverter, or inverter, is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current
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Microtek has wide range of External Battery UPS that are based on IPS technology which saves electri
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Microtek Digital UPS EB 1000

Rs 7,290.00 Ex Tax: Rs 7,290.00

Microtek Digital UPS EB 1200

Rs 9,590.00 Ex Tax: Rs 9,590.00

Microtek Digital UPS EB 1700

Rs 10,190.00 Ex Tax: Rs 10,190.00

Microtek Digital UPS EB 700

Rs 5,990.00 Ex Tax: Rs 5,990.00

Microtek Digital UPS EB 800

Rs 6,290.00 Ex Tax: Rs 6,290.00

Microtek Digital UPS EB 900

Rs 6,790.00 Ex Tax: Rs 6,790.00

Microtek Digital UPS E²+ 1115

Rs 8,890.00 Ex Tax: Rs 8,890.00

Microtek Digital UPS E²+ 1625

Rs 10,490.00 Ex Tax: Rs 10,490.00

Microtek Digital UPS E²+715

Rs 6,290.00 Ex Tax: Rs 6,290.00

Microtek Digital UPS E²+925

Rs 7,090.00 Ex Tax: Rs 7,090.00

Luminous, Microtek, Exide And More....
Car Battery
Fiat,Ford,Honda,Hyundai,Mahindra,Suzuki And More....
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