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Microtek UPS SEBz 800

Microtek UPS SEBz 800

Microtek UPS SEBz 800

Product Code: UPS SEBz 800
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Microtek UPS SEBz 800


    MICROTEK UPS SEBz Series is Micro Controller design based , LARGEST SELLING SERIES of Extend-ed Backup External Battery UPS Systems. It comes with many user friendly features. It has Voltage Range Selection Switch and can be operated in Standard Voltage Range from 100V~300V and Narrow Voltage Range from 180V~260V.

  • All MICROTEK UPS SEBz Series Models are based on IPS Technology and Saves Electricity so that every UPS become free in 3 Years.
  • Rated Capacity:700 VA
  • Output Power:588 Watts
  • Battery:1 Battery System (12VDC)
  • Wave form:Pure Sinewave
  • Warranty:2 Years

    Key Features : Display

  • Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design : MAINS ON
  • LED Display Indications (Status & Fault) : UPS ON
  • CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode : BATTERY CHARGING
  • Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection : OVERLOAD
  • Battery State Monitoring : BATTERY LOW
  • Multi-Stage Battery Charger : FAULT INDICATION
  • Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch


  • Over Load/Short Circuit Protection: If the UPS is excessively Overloaded in UPS Mode or encounters a Short Circuit, it will go into Protection Mode. The Output will Shut Down in this case.
  • Battery Deep Discharge/Over Charge Protection: The UPS has In-built Electronic Protection Circuit that protects the Batteries from getting Deep Discharged or Over Charged.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage (Standard range):100 V ~ 300 V
  • Input Voltage (Narrow range):180V ~ 260 V
  • Output Voltage (Mains Mode):Same as Input
  • Output Voltage (UPS Mode):200V~ 230V ± 10%
  • Output Wave form (Mains Mode):Same as Input
  • Output Wave form (UPS Mode):Pure Sinewave
  • Switchover from Mains to UPS and UPS to Mains:Automatic
  • UPS Transfer Time:≤ 15 msec.
  • Design:Micro Controller Based design with IPS Technology
  • Battery Charging Current:Constant Charging Approx. 10% of the rated Battery Current in AH
  • UPS Overload / UPS Short-circuit:110% / 300%
  • Browns on Mains Voltage:100V ± 40V
  • Efficiency (Battery Mode):> 84%
  • Auto Reset Feature:Yes
  • Input DC Range:10.5 Amps ~ 14.2 Amps

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